12 Things Nurses Should Consider In Choosing Scrubs Tops

Scrub Tops

Nurses Scrubs Tops are the only uniform that does not need an explanation if a person is related to the medical field.  

Medical scrubs are for protective suits that medical staff wear. Not only are they comfortable but also easier to wash. In addition, they can tolerate harsh chemicals and harmful ultraviolet rays, so clinicians widely use them. 

Women use these scrubs tops as they are made with sustainable fabrics as well as include minimum places for contaminants to hide. The one significant advantage of scrubs is they are cheaper and can withstand the rigors of healthcare industries.

It’s more than a fashion statement for women wearing scrub tops; instead, it’s more about comfort, function, identification, protection from stains.

Importance of fabrics in Scrub Tops

Fabrics also play an essential part

Some precise fabrics are more absorbent, others are softer. Women always want scrub tops that are made from fabrics with some drapes, absorbent to sweat, and stretch a little bit. 

There are various scrubs for women

Women’s scrub tops, women’s scrub pants, jackets, coats, Under scrubs, etc.

The tops should be fashionable

and functional brands like MEDELITA have trendy scrub tops and features like anti-antimicrobial exposure and moisture captivator. In addition, the fabrics of these scrubs are sophisticated, soft, and gentle. Further, these Nurses Scrubs Tops can even be embroidered with personal names on them for fashionable.

Hence, it’s all about preference. The more flexible the scrub top, the more comfortable wearer it is!

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Some best scrubs for women :

  • Cherokee Workwear professionals.
  • Best Scrubs with pockets: Dickies Women.

Tips to look good in scrubs –

  1. Always choose the scrub that suits the body type.
  2. Choose the right size scrubs.
  3. Wear complementary colors 
  4. Match the scrub tops and pants.
  5. For personal use, women can use even emboire their names.

In some healthcare industries, professionals wear long–sleeved shirts under their scrubs tops.

SCRUBS TOPS ARE MADE UP OF –four main fibers – polyester, cotton, rayon, and sometimes spandex. They are sometimes blended with some other materials, but these are the mainstays. 

Some qualities that are needed in scrubs –

  • Two-way stretch fabric 
  • Antimicrobial
  • Odor resistant 
  • Moisture-wicking 
  • Super soft 
  •  Washable to kill infections.
  • Ultra-durable.


Comfort – the main reason women wear the scrub tops is the comfort they provide while being used.

Design – It is designed to make the wearer comfortable and perform the task without hesitations.

Laundry is made from materials that are easily washable and can withstand rough wash every time.

There are no cons, and the argument is all about hygiene practice. So, there are lots of advantages rather than a disadvantage.

 Nowadays, women wear scrub tops not only for protection from harmful chemicals and micro-organisms but also for their trend and fashion statement.