Are You Looking For The Best Dog Leashes For Your Pooch?

Are You Looking For The Best Dog Leashes For Your Pooch

Then this is what you need to know when out for dog leashes Canada. Dog leashes are available for both inline and offline shopping as well, making it convenient for pet owners. But before you start shopping for dog leashes, Canada, here are a few of the things that you should make a note of.

Types of dog leashes

There are several types of dog leashes available. So when choosing the right gear for your dog, you should be well aware of all the different types of leashes available. This will make it easier for you to decide which one will be best for your pet.

Standard Dog Leashes

This is the most common dog leash and is easily available in any pet store. They are available in variable sizes between 4-6 feet long and ⅜ – 1 inch wide.

Adjustable Dog Leashes

These are some of the best leashes. You can easily shorten the length of the leash temporarily whenever you wish to tether your pet to yourself. This type of leash is different from the regular standard leashes by allowing you to attach the dog collar as well as a harness for their front harness. Along with this, a clasp is attached on both its ends allowing you to change the length of the leash.

Long Line Dog Leashes

You Looking For The Best Dog Leashes For Your Pooch

Some fig owners prefer long leashes. The reason is, they want to give their dog a sense of freedom and at the same time keep them attached to themselves with a long leash. But when using a long leash, the owners need to be extra careful. The dogs may sometimes pull the leash causing injury to the owner as well as the dog.

Short Line Dog Leashes

These are similar to that of the standard leashes, the difference being they are comparatively shorter in length, around 1-2 feet. With these, you can keep your dogs close to you. It is most helpful when visiting a veterinarian or when crossing intersections.

Hand-free Dog Leashes

If you want your dog to accompany you for your morning jog, you can consider the hands-free type of fig leashes. This type of leash is also called the umbilical cord style leash as it is similar to the umbilical cord. This leash consists of a waistband and along with it, there are two handles. The handles and the waistband are connected with a bungee leash which acts as a shock absorber and also aids in pulling whenever your dog is jogging.

Split Dog Leashes

If you have multiple dogs, then this is what you must be looking for. You can easily take all your dogs together for an evening walk and keep them attached to you. This way you don’t have to worry as you can manage them together with the help of the split dog leashes. It consists of a single handle that splits into two or multiple leads.


When you are buying dog leashes, Canada, this is what you need to know. Always choose a leash that is comfortable for your dog and easy for you to use.