How To Get Bottle Service Packages In Puerto Vallarta?

How To Get Bottle Service Packages In Puerto Vallarta? | PVNL

Bottle service packages are considered to be a popular thing in Puerto Vallarta. Whenever you visit the place, almost every VIP host, as well as promoters, always prompt you to go for their bottle services.

If you book reservations through them, then they get a cut whereas many of the others would ask you for service or gratuity fee.

For accommodating your group, a good quality host will always provide you with some of the alternative options. These include guest lists, tickets as well as VIP entries.

In this regard, one of the most affordable options is to opt for VIP bottle service packages. This type of packages will contribute to offering you several important advantages of the bottle service and that too in reasonable pricing.

Special Considerations While Choosing The Best Bottle Service

Offering bottle service is an undertaking that should not be taken lightly. So, you should be well aware of some of the important information regarding this as mentioned below:

  • Alternatives

Bottle service packages are not the only option for patronizing any nightclub in the beach city of Puerto Vallarta. There are several ways in which you can enter these clubs without any of the hassles.

In this regard, the most convenient and the best option is to purchase presale tickets online. It is more or less similar to buying tickets for concerts, sports games, events, and live shows.

These tickets will ensure your entry to these nightclubs. But, you will have to follow the rules related to age, dress code, etc. You also should arrive on time.

  • No Line, No Cover

One of the most important features of the bottle service reservation is that you do not have to wait in lines or shell out extra money specifically for cover charges. Although, it looks very good apparently.

But, you should never forget that you have already paid for this. While you focus on making a reservation for the bottle service, the clubs will demand you for paying a specific amount. Through this process, the club permits you to skip the lines as well as pay cover fees. 

  • Expensive Option

In the city of Puerto Vallarta, you will find a bottle of Grey Goose that sells for around $500. You may look forward to buying 2 bottles for about 5 persons at any of the well-known nightclubs.

Other than the price, you will have to pay some additional charges such as sales tax, gratuity, and the expense of booking the bottle service packages. The charge is even more if you want to be recognized as a VIP. 

So, you will end up paying a lot of money while opting for this bottle service packages in any of the nightclubs in the beautiful beach city of Puerto Vallarta.

Final Words

So, these are some of the important steps which you should follow while opting for the bottle service packages in the beach city of Puerto Vallarta.