Reasons Why You Need to Change Your SEO Expert

Reasons Why You Need to Change Your SEO Expert

Every business is now coming online to take advantage of the increasing netizen population. To gain business, one needs visibility for their online platform. Without visibility, one cannot achieve success in their online venture. 

You might already know about all that ad had SEO experts in place to upgrade your online platform. However, there are reasons you can still be dissatisfied with your existing SEO service. Moreover, if the dissatisfaction is not the case, you might still need to find a new SEO expert who can handle changing needs of your business. 

We know asking to find a new SEO service in Vancouver is an enormous burden for your enterprise. You cannot just go on to change the existing service with a new one. Therefore, we are providing you few instances where you should change your SEO service. 

Few Instances Where You Should Change Your SEO Expert

Count on the Experience of SEO experts

Not all SEO experts know what they are doing. SEO is an ever-changing field with new emerging strategies. Meanwhile, it would help if you also had an SEO expert who could handle your industry’s challenges. Your existing SEO may lack experience in your industry and cannot provide you good leverage with SEO strategies. Therefore, you need to count on the experience of the SEO services who know what is best for your business and industry. 

Portfolio of SEO Success

The SEO expert you have must have a good portfolio. SEO is an ever-changing field, and SEO experts are learning every day about new strategies. Sometimes the implementation of strategies lacks proper understanding, which results in campaign failure. Therefore, you need to check their portfolio and see if the SEO expert can handle the SEO strategy to grow your business


SEO evolves to become a marketing strategy. It has become a vital component of every digital marketing strategy. If your SEO expert cannot handle the marketing aspect of SEO, then it is time you need to seek other SEO services in Vancouver. 

The marketing aspect requires expert SEO’s that can research the market. Besides, the technical aspect asks SEO experts to perform onsite and offsite SEO, which are two different parts of SEO. If SEO services cannot handle both the onsite and offsite part of the SEO, your online platform lacks marketing.

Know about the different SEO Levels

What are the different types of SEO?

The existing SEO expert might give you the desired result with their strategy. Your website is upgraded, looks beautiful, and attracting customers. However, there are different levels of SEO. It will help if you work on all the levels with increasing business match the demands of changing web environment

Here are facets of SEO level that you must know –

  • Technical 
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization 
  • Boosting authority

The SEO you have in place maybe help you out in the initial phase of the business by handling one of the facets of SEO. However, with a growing business, you need an expert who can work on all SEO levels. If your current SEO expert cannot handle all four facets, you need to search for SEO services in Vancouver.