What is a Web Development Company & How Does it Function?

Web Development Company

One cannot imagine modern businesses surviving without a website or a mobile application. All businesses like hospitality, retail, manufacturing to education. All of these businesses try to compete with each other by creating highly engaging websites and apps! 

Websites are files stored on servers, which are computers that host websites. These servers are connected to a gigantic network called the internet which is otherwise known as World Wide Web. The Browsers are computer programs that load websites through the internet connection like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

The reach of websites and their visibility and applications is very high! Having one’s business website and mobile app is in vogue. If one would like to create a high-end website, revamping one’s website, then they have to choosing a web development company. They come into foray and design and build a top-end website for clients.

How does a Web Development Company function?

The primary scope of work for a web development agency includes ideating, designing, creating, and maintaining websites and applications. Also, coding is code for servers and applications using various programming languages. They have special commands, abbreviations, and punctuation that can be read by devices and programs. Software is written in a coding language. All languages are different. They are based on platform, operating system, and a unique style

The Services Web Development Companies offer:

The web developers offer at least seven value-added services like:

  • Analytics Interpretation and Reporting
  • Competition monitoring
  • HTML E-mail template design
  • Blog Customization/ Management
  • Pay-per-click Campaign Management
  • Sales Presentation Development
  • Usability Testing

The website development services are given below:

Websites come in a variety of styles and sizes. The web development company custom-builds the website to suit the unique needs of the given business. Today, all websites are created by taking a mobile-first approach.

The web development company in order to create a business site is depending on a range of factors as given below:

  • Depending on the business (B2C, B2B)
  • The industry or domain one operates within
  • The geographies and audience demographics one caters to
  • The budget for the creation and maintenance of the website
  • The short term and long term goals & objectives

Mobile Application Services:

Nowadays, corporates have realized the need to adopt a mobile-first approach. It has been proved that audiences spend the majority of their time on their smartphones. Similar to websites, applications are also created primarily for mobile usage.

How does a Web Development Company function?

The main factors which are required for the mobile app development process are given below:

· Platforms where you wish to make your business app available (iOS, Android, etc.) 

· Type of business and the industry you belong to

· Target group demographics 

· Purpose of the application 

· Your budget for building and maintaining the app

Typically, a web development company will help you build an app and/or website by engaging in the following activities:

1. Ideating and freezing the framework, architecture, and navigation

2. Choosing a coding language to build your site and app (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, etc.)

3. Coding and programming the front-end & back end

4. Integrating media elements like videos, images, and audio

5. Publishing content and optimizing it according to best practices

6. Working on designing the User Interface and User Experience at the front end

7. Testing the website and app before it goes live (beta testing)

8. Identifying problems and fixing bugs

9. Conducting speed and performance testing

10. Implementing codes and going live

11. Maintaining and updating this online real estate regularly

The web development process involves several other steps, most of which are taken care of by your outsourcing partner along the way. Some companies also offer to design and build a site or app using an online Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, or any other from the host of existing platforms.

A web development agency works with its client and design team to provide end-to-end website creation and app development services.

Process of Web Development Project:

The steps that the website development company follows after they receive a request to build a website or a best mobile app development include the following:

· Setting up meetings or calls to understand the scope of the project and to identify the needs of the client. Once the initial discussion takes place, the web development company sends a quote.

· Discussing the approach, scope of work, and finalizing budgetary aspects. The development process begins after a formal contract or agreement is signed.

· Project planning involves setting a timeframe, outlining the project plan, and beginning the work on wireframes.

· The technical assessment phase involves mutually agreeing upon the technologies, platforms, and techniques that will be used for the creation of the website.

· The web development company then creates and shares mock-ups or prototypes to give the client an idea of how their end product would look.

· Once approved, the next step is designing the look and feel of the website and application (UI and UX). This includes creating signage, graphics, icons, buttons, effects, transitions, color schemes, etc.

· This is followed by the programming and coding of the different aspects (back-end development, as mentioned above).

· While quality control is an on-going aspect of web design and development, this step ensures that thorough quality checks are done before deployment.

· Once the website or app is ready to go live, the web development company deploys it on the predefined platform.

· Client training comprises of explaining the functioning of the web development agency and application in detail. This is an important step in the process since the client’s team needs to know how the site works and what aspects they can handle at their end.

· Once the app and website are live, the web development agency is responsible for providing on-going support according to the terms mentioned in the contract. This involves weekly or monthly calls/meetings, backend support, troubleshooting, re-optimization, and data reporting.

How to choose a Web Development Company?

If one ends to finding and choose a web development company to build one’s website or app, one should look at aspects like their past work (project portfolio), experience, capabilities, process workflow, and pricing. The staff strength and timeline of finishing the project.