Legal Translation Services in Silicon Oasis

Finding legal Translation in Dubai can be a troublesome task, especially when you are running out of time. However, do not worry at all; legal translation Dubai silicon oasis now conveys certified Translators at your doorstep through its newly released fleet of vehicles, which are known as Legal Translation at your doorstep’. 

Our certified translation is authentically attested and recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice in Dubai. So it is accepted by every international and local authority of government. 

Legal Translation

Legal translation offers authorized translations for a lot of documents. Moreover, these documents include records, files, and those documents which have to deliver to departments and agencies. Therefore, well-trained translators who are authorized by the Ministry of Justice work in our team on the legal translation task. These translators can work effectively on any translation task.

Everyone on our expert translation team is a sworn and certified legal translator. They are accredited by the UAE government as well. They also pass the Ministry of Justice’s eligibility test before they join our team.

Format of Legal Translation Dubai Silicon Oasis

  • On a Dubai organization letterhead, they produce sworn and authorized translation.
  • Both of their target files and source are attached to each other as 1 set.
  • The whole set consists of 2 or more than 2 pages, which is then signed and sealed with the legal stamp.

They work to provide legal translation services to everyone. Meanwhile, we have made our place among the top legal translation companies. A team of professional translators works diligently to provide top-class translation services. Moreover, they are experts in the execution of translation services in almost more than 200 languages pairs. Those translation services are as follows:

1. Legal translation Dubai

  • Power of Attorneys
  • Agreements/Contracts
  • Certificates/Degrees
  • Court Cases
  • Memorandum
  • Articles of Association

2. Technical Translation

  • Technical manuals
  • User guides
  • Required documents of system

3. Translation of Driving License

4. Commercial Translation

  • Marketing materials
  • Press releases
  • Reports
  • Letters
  • Newspaper 
  • Magazine articles
  • Documents of management and accounting and so on

5. Medical translation

6. Translation of advertisement

  • Texts
  • Newspaper ads
  • Promotional literature
  • Direct marketing
  • Leaflets
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Blogs and so on

7. Website Translation

Localization for every type of business document regardless of the language

8. Doorstep Legal Translation Dubai

Quality Services

In today’s world, the selection of any services can be very tough. Services such as transcription, translation, voice dubbing, interpretation, proof-reading, and subtitling are even more tricky. All of them require a clear examination of dependability, even if there are authorized translation services area or not.


Al Syed Legal Translation provides services of interpretation for conferences, trade shows, and events. Therefore, interpretation of several different languages are also available in which it includes some of the following languages:

  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Farsi
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • French and a lot more

An effective interpreter should have the power of a high language processor, with being a multilingual speaker. They are blessed with those professionals who possess highly essential skills.

Interpretation services:

1. Interpretation services for long sessions or small meetings, like: 

  • Speeches 
  • Presentations
  • Product launches
  • Business deals
  • Seminars 
  • Press conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Group calls
  • Hearings of court
  • Arbitration
  • Technical training
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Tour guide
  • Interviews for embassy

2. Whispering interpretation services for the following:

  • Small gatherings
  • Dialogue
  • Public events
  • Tours
  • Visits

3. Liaison Interpretation services for a single person or small sets of people in which it includes the following:

  • Judicial
  • Escort
  • Conference/events
  • Public sector 
  • Medical interpretations

4. Other interpretation services come in handy for occasions like:

  • At live events
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Forums
  • Conferences
  • Press releases
  • Summits and beyond

Transcription of documents

1. Legal Transcription services of different fields like:

  • Matrimonial
  • Domestic and Commercial Conveyance
  • Litigation
  • Local/Children Authority
  • Personal Injury/Medical Negligence
  • Social Housing
  • Immigration
  • Trust, Probate & Tax
  • Parliamentary
  • Debt Collection
  • Local Government 

2. Captioning services and video Transcription of any type of video & audio content. It involves the following synchronized captioning transcript:

  • DVDs
  • Videotapes
  • Webcasts
  • Podcasts
  • Streaming media

3. Digital audio Transcription format such as:

  • Mp3
  • Wav, au
  • Or non-digital audio transcription formats such as microcassettes, standard tapes, and VHS, etc. Further, we transcript for conferences, business meetings, interviews, seminars, group discussions, focus groups, radio shows, podcasts, and so on.

Voice Dubbing

Top class native interpreters, voice dubbing experts, and translators in almost worlds all languages are working for this firm. A diligent team of female and male voice talent performers are able to adapt different accents for incorporating those narrations that perfectly fits into the services or products.

Al Syed legal translations offer faultless voice dubbing services in almost over more than 350 languages. Our diligent team is succeeding with long-term experience for the establishment of voice performer services in which it includes the following:

  • Television commercials
  • Television productions
  • Media
  • Business gatherings
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate films
  • Tourism and travel
  • Theater plays
  • Audiobooks
  • Entertainment and animation industries

Legal translation Dubai silicon oasis is also capable of providing dubbing services and voice over for television programs in which it includes talk shows, cartoons, documentaries, fashion shows, and movies.

Subtitling of Documents

A hardworking team of professionals performs subtitling in three stages. The 1st level of subtitling is the source script with the code of the time. It is the code in which the client either provides us the script or the script is just being copied by listening to the voices present in the video. The code of time mentions the exact same point where dialogue starts in the movie.

Afterward, sending the script for accurate translation to the translator with other related details that are may be helpful to the performers in doing their work well. Moreover, the translated text, which the translator provided, is then incorporated along with the movie according to the code of the time. It is like this so that the subtitles appear at the exact same time as the dialogue. You can completely depend on us for your requirement of subtitling because more than 200+ languages are available.

Finest Legal Translation Dubai

Al Syed Legal Translation is one of the top class legal translation firms in Dubai, which provides 100% top-class quality of legal translation service. We have proven itself as a no. 1 sworn translation firm in Dubai. You can totally rely on us for legal translation Dubai silicon oasis for  100% accurate and perfect translations.

How Long Did It Take To Get Used To Invisalign?

We’ve all been there – coming back from a dental procedure that was completely new territory, and feeling that dreaded, irritating soreness beginning its ascent from our teeth, and into our jaw.

Replacing and updating your trays isn’t exactly a procedure, but can inflict some discomfort. This is due to new pressure from positioning the teeth within your mouth; in fact, 54% of Invisalign® users surveyed reported what they described as ‘mild pain’ when switching trays. Though this pain may not be ideal, there was a study found that states you aligners will induce less pain than regular braces.

All people are different, and all people find discomfort within different things – the good news is that if you fall into the percentage of the population with a low pain tolerance, there are a variety of methods to aid in bringing you relief from any discomfort, soreness or pain; even better, many of them don’t include just using ibuprofen and hoping for the best! You can speak exclusively with your Orthodontist about what will work best for you for the duration of your treatment process, but in the meantime, here are some helpful tips you can take with you, and ask your Edmonton Invisalign dentists about!

Use Your Aligners Frequently

This one seems obvious, especially considering that the standard Invisalign® process clearly outlines that your trays must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day in order to be effective. However, in addition to keeping your treatment on track, frequent usage of your trays will help your teeth to better adjust to their transformation in a shorter period of time – it may not be instant relief, and it may not feel better to leave them in if they’re irritating you, but it will pay off in a short amount of time! All you have to do is wait it out.

Switch to New Trays When Going to Sleep

This may be one of the best pieces of advice I can offer to you! Switching to new aligners is going to be a little uncomfortable – why would you want to be awake for that? The first few hours of wearing your aligners that you haven’t adjusted to yet are the most difficult to endure, so if you put yourself through them while you’re unconscious, you’ll be able to cut out the hardest part and move on to the recovery. If you’re asleep, chances are you won’t be able to feel slight amounts of pain or discomfort. Also, you are going to wear the aligner for a long and uninterrupted period of time.

Protect Your Tongue

We’ll keep this one short and sweet! The new trays have the potential to cause calluses on your tongue and cheeks, which are hard to escape if your aligners are in your mouth for a huge percentage of your day. Ask your orthodontist for some wax to place on the rougher edges of your trays to eliminate any harsh contact with your flesh. If needed, talk to your orthodontist about how you can have those rough edges taken care of.

It may be tempting to file the aligners down yourself, especially if they become a nuisance, but they may be crucial to the development of your teeth, and you wouldn’t want to obstruct the reconstructive process. It’s always best to leave the alterations to the professionals!

Chew Through the Pain!

No, I don’t mean you should grab the closest crispy, crunchy food and go to town – go for something soft! The last thing you’d assume you’d want to do while dealing with an annoying throbbing in your teeth or jaw is chew on something and worsen it, but I promise you, it’s effective for pain relief! Why? Chewing will increase the blood flow, which has the potential to reduce pain.

You can opt for traditional chewing gum (with your aligners removed, of course) or ask your orthodontist for other alternatives that may help to alleviate any pain as you adjust.

Utilize Painkillers Wisely, When Necessary

Most of us have our preferred painkiller when we’re experiencing any amount of discomfort, and know what dosage to take. Some people find that they can just ride out the few days/weeks of discomfort, but others need a bit of a helping hand.

If the pain is triggered by inflammation from the aligners pushing against your teeth, anti-inflammatories are most likely the preferred method to look into to accurately treat your discomfort. Advil or Ibuprofen may be your go to’s here, though always be careful to never consume on an empty stomach. Analgesics like Tylenol can also be used to control pain.

However, if the pain is caused from tensing your jaw or grinding your teeth, a muscle relaxant may be the preferred route to take. If this is the route you take, make sure to consult your orthodontist first, and avoid operating any heavy machinery or driving with these medications.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Online Marketing Agency

Looking for good digital marketing in India? Well, for that you need to look for a company that has knowledge about your industry vertical and great grip over different digital marketing practices. Meanwhile looking at their websites, you will find every company providing you the generic digital marketing services like SEO, Social media marketing, PPC Advertising, your search certainly doesn’t end until you have found someone that delivers you a tailor-made digital marketing plan. While you are on a hunt for the best online marketing services in India, you need proper guidance on what to do and what not to when hiring a digital marketing agency in India.


A lot of factors are important to consider while looking for a digital marketing agency. Here is your ‘to do’ list: 

Identify the issues your business needs to address

Most of the time, people forget to research why they need to hire a reputed online marketing agency. Be clear-cut about your goals and what you want to achieve. And, make sure to discuss your business needs with a digital marketing agency when hiring them.

Ask about their marketing Strategy 

It is crucial to discuss the strategy that the digital marketing agency is using for your marketing campaign. Analyze the marketing strategy, so you can be sure whether the marketing practice is going to work or not. 

Therefore, never forget to discuss the marketing practice that a digital marketing agency is using and discuss the ROI you can expect by implementing strategy. 

Check portfolio

You can ask a digital marketing agency to show their portfolio. Check what kind of industry they have previously worked with, see if they have work for someone with similar requirements as yours. Checking the portfolio will help you understand whether the agency can manage your marketing campaign for your business. Moreover, you can ask for the references and talk to their clientele to know more about the online marketing agency in India. 


Discussing services rather than solutions

When you visit the website of leading online marketing agency in India, do not just focus on what kind of services they offer. Instead, you need to ask them about the solution you need for your business. Discussing your problem rather than checking their services will help you know whether the digital marketing service is right for you.

Not to consider the cost of long-term projects

Unlike traditional marketing practice, where the winner is always the one with a bigger budget, digital marketing gives a chance to people with small capital. 

Still, it does not mean that you do not consider the cost of some long-term project. Every digital marketing strategy takes time to show the result. Before you enter into any such contract, make sure you got the capital to support such long-term campaigns. 

Ignoring building relationships

Businesses are dependent on the trust they have on each other capabilities. Therefore, make sure you do not forget to build a proper acquaintance with the online marketing agency in India you have hired. Make sure to meet with marketing individuals and see if you have the chemistry with the marketing team.